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Who We Are

Universal Commissioning Group (UCxG) was created for the purpose of assisting Owners, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors in the construction of industrial and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that meet design specifications and satisfy owner's requirements and intent. UCxG is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

What We Do

During the pre-design and design phases of a project, the Commissioning Agents (CxA) contribute to the design team with regards to operation maintenance, and testing of the various systems in the facility. The CxA keeps the owner's best interest in mind while performing design reviews. The design review is not intended to re-engineer or change the designer's intent, but to improve the design process. It is vital to have a design that will result in a facility that can be maintained and operated by the owner without difficulty.

About Us

UCxG promotes the inter-relationship between commissioning and TAB (test and balance) services. These services complement each other and when properly coordinated, reduce project construction errors and increase efficiency. Combining these disciplines allows for more onsite time without increasing the service cost.

Projects that require only the use of our commissioning experties will be performed by UCxG. Projects that require TAB services will be performed by Air Balancing Company (ABC). UCxG is an assumed name of ABC and assists with the separation of the TAB and Cx disciplines. For more information on ABC please visit their website.


Current LEED Projects

  • Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office - LEED Gold
  • Tarrant County New Jail - LEED Silver
  • Tarrant County NW Sub Courthouse - LEED Gold
  • Botanical Research Institute of Texas - LEED Platinum

Past LEED Projects

  • Tarrant County SE Sub Courthouse - LEED Silver
  • Baylor University-Simpson Athletics - LEED Silver
  • Sherwin-Williams Center - LEED Silver
  • TCU Sherley Hall - LEED Gold
  • Tarrant Regional Water District - Under review for LEED Gold
  • Watters Creek Montgomery Farm - LEED Certified

Contact UCxG

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Universal Commissioning Group
4607 Forest Hill Circle
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Michael Elliott, P.E., CxA